Road Safety with Constable Carl

 Constable Carl came to school and he showed us how to walk along the footpath safely. We had to look both ways before we crossed the road. We learned to watch out for sneaky driveways too.

The next time Constable Carl visited us, we got to sit in the Police car and put our seat belts on. We had to "Make It Click".

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posted by keana on 24/05/2010 6:17:15 p.m. (NZ time)
oh look at them learn man juniors grow up so fast
So clever!!
posted by Mrs Abel on 6/06/2010 5:59:55 p.m. (NZ time)
Your work is amazing!! Do you teach your family how to be safe in the car?
Keeping safe
posted by Mr Hughes on 21/07/2010 11:57:49 a.m. (NZ time)
Well done Room 11, I like your safety message and the Police Hats are fantastic!
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