Strike Drumming Show

The Strike drumming group came to our school on March the 3rd.
We loved listening to the great drumming and clapping along to the beat.

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the meanest drumming
posted by rechelle on 18/03/2011 9:07:00 p.m. (NZ time)
the drumming show was so awesome but i never got to drum so sad:[.
posted by soleen on 1/04/2011 8:30:35 p.m. (NZ time)
i loved this show from soleen miss lord is awesome
Miss teo
posted by clarizz on 2/04/2011 9:40:45 a.m. (NZ time)
miss teo i miss u sooooooooooooo much i want to come and see u LOL
stike show
posted by esther on 14/04/2011 5:53:21 p.m. (NZ time)
it's amazing i like the noises.
best drumming show
posted by sharkaylar on 26/05/2011 7:25:31 p.m. (NZ time)
the drumming was fablous but i did not drum.
one and only
posted by saranya on 29/05/2011 6:35:32 p.m. (NZ time)
this drumming show is the best wooo
one and twice
posted by jireh on 23/06/2011 2:12:00 p.m. (NZ time)
that looks cool
amazing cool drumming
posted by Piper phillips on 2/07/2011 9:47:07 p.m. (NZ time)
I like how they play
amazing cool drumming
posted by Piper on 2/07/2011 9:49:52 p.m. (NZ time)
it looks cool lol
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