All children are enrolled at the school administration centre.  Parents of children who are enrolling at 5 years of age must have a copy of the child’s Birth Certificate, Passport or other legal document for confirmation of age.  They also need an Immunisation Certificate which shows what immunisations the child has had.  Certificates are available from the family doctor.  These children are classified as Year 1 if their start date is before 31 March, or Year 0 from 1 April.

Parents or guardians of children newly resident in New Zealand must have a copy of either a Resident Permit or Work Permit from the N.Z. Immigration Service, as well as Passport, Birth Certificate or other documentation to verify age.

Pre-enrolment visits for children about to enter the Year 0-1 (5 year old) classes may be arranged through the school office as follows:

a. Discussion with the Principal if requested.

b. Walk through the New Entrant classes if requested.

c. Completion of Enrolment Records at any time before the child’s fifth birthday.

d. Up to three classroom visits by parent and child before fifth birthday.  (No other preschoolers please).  Days and times of visits to be arranged with the Assistant Principal.

Parents/Guardians are required to sign the Enrolment Record as a declaration of the accuracy of the information supplied, and acceptance of the school’s policies and by-laws.




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