Health & Welfare Services



SWiS (Social Workers in Schools) operates at our school.

Evelyn is our Social Worker and she is based at the school 2-3 days every week. The service is free and voluntary where Evelyn is available to help support children and families/whanau to connect with the right support. This may include working with children to better their wellbeing at school and home; or advocating for families/whanau to receive support such as housing, health, financial and parenting services.



Dental Clinic


If parents have any queries or require treatment for their children, please call us 837 9133 or 0800825583




Hearing & Vision Testing

All children are tested in their first year of school and at various times during their schooling. Notices will be sent home by the Hearing and Vision team when further action is required.


School Health Nurse

A School Health Nurse is available through the Health Board to assist students and their families with any health issues. Please contact the school office for more information if needs arise.



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