Kelston Primary School – Learning

Digital Learning

All students at our school have access to digital technologies to support and enhance their learning. All of our devices are provided by the school so that the students do not need to bring devices from home.

  • In Years 1-3 our students use iPads (1 iPad per 4 students)

  • In Year 4 the students use Chromebooks (1 Chromebook per 2-4 students), as well as a class iPad.

  • Our Year 5/6 classes have 15 Chromebooks per class (1 Chromebook per 2 students), as well as a class iPad.

Every student in Year 4, 5 and 6 has their own school Google for Education account where they can create and store their learning and access it anywhere, at any time. Parents and students are required to sign a user agreement before a Google account will be set up.